About Us

About Us

Welcome to Tegloma NorCal Chapter -
Your help means a better quality of life for them.

Established in 1999, Tegloma NorCal Chapter is a Sierra Leone charity organization that seeks to provide help to the people of Sierra Leone in the form of school supplies, educational scholarships, volunteer work, and more.

We have an ongoing Sierra Leone donation and fundraising activities that knock on the hearts of kind-hearted individuals, businesses, and other organizations who, like us, would like to do their share to contribute to the worthy cause of uplifting the lives of men, women, and children living in the war-torn country of Sierra Leone.

Amidst all the death and destruction that Sierra Leone has had to endure for so many years, hope still shines in the hearts and minds of its people. But time is running out. They need our help and we need to do our share to help give them a better quality of life.

Ranked as the poorest country in the world by the UNDP HDI (Human Development Index), 70% of the country's population live below the poverty line. People throughout the nation have very little access to clean drinking water as most water sources are polluted.
Join us here at Tegloma NorCal Chapter as we pool our resources together to send aid to the people of Sierra Leone. We, like them, believe that there is hope as long as we all join hands to provide them with the help and resources they need.
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Our History

TONCA was admitted to the Tegloma Federation Inc. on July 1st; 2000, as its twelfth Chapter among the current 24 sister organizations of Sierra Leoneans at home and in Diaspora (USA; UK; Canada). The organization is cross-cultural and its membership is not restricted to any race or geographical location. 

Tegloma is a family, and withhold the values and aspirations of the founding fathers who inaugurated the Federation international 35 years ago in April 1975. The California Chapter is known in the local native parlance as Tegloma (meaning progress). It was founded on July 31st; 1999, and the membership has remained committed to this organization ever since.

The Northern California Chapter takes 12th position behind The Minnesota Chapter in the sequence of establishment by a formal ceremony of inauguration in the Federation.

This Chapter, after ten years since it was founded, is poised for progress in the years ahead; and continues to benefit from the support and commitment of the entire membership, its community and the Federation at large. As a manifestation of its desire for progress, the Chapter administration has continued to embrace and empower female and youth membership role on program committees.
The goal for the current TONCA administration is to encourage and actively get involved in a recruitment drive.

In order to uphold the core values of friendship, love and trust, the organization has adopted a mission of reactivating the non-active membership for their rich heritage productive potentials, as a unified community.

Also, the new administration under the leadership of Chief Madam Ann-Marie Jah, plans to increase the membership role and to enhance the unique cultural performances of its members as we continue to work together to uplift the standard of life for our most disadvantaged members of our community and society at large.

Chief Madam Ann-Marie Jah

Board Members

Umaru Lamin Janneh – Board Chairman​​
Deborah Bockari – Member
Joseph Musa – Member